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Measuring Health Value

Our platforms analyze Health Value quality indicators and metrics, which help healthcare organizations to implement sustainable care models.

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It is the platform that includes analytics solutions and models to measure Health Value. Practical application for evaluating doctors and health teams, hospital networks and lines of care of the most prevalent clinical conditions.


Generation of a Health Value Score based on standardized indicators, for the evaluation of physicians, health teams and hospitalization units.

Value-Based Payment

Based on specialized consultancy, the platform is configured to generate Value metrics for the various value-based payment models for service providers and healthcare professionals. Indicated for Health Insurance and SUS Operators. Know the main models.

Lines of Care

Modeling of the platform for the evaluation of clinical conditions of great impact on the health system. It can be used jointly or independently in providers, public or private payers and the pharmaceutical and medical-hospital equipment industry.

Network Evaluation

Evaluation of Value produced by hospital networks and medical services. It is indicated for Hospital Associations, Health Insurance Companies and SUS.


Modeling the Health Value Score for professionals working in outpatient clinics. Applied in private clinics, medical centers, hospitals or health plan operators or public health units.

SADT (Ancillary Service of Diagnosis and Therapy)

Value assessment of service providers who work in ancillary health services. It can be used by private health services or linked to hospitals or verticalized in health plan operators.


Platform that allows to qualify and reclassify the Provider Network in a practical, agile and secure way through standardized reports. It can be used by health plan operators, by the providers themselves and by networks or associations of health service providers.

Complies fully with ANS regulations

In order to meet the needs of Health Operators, in relation to the assessment of Health Care Providers, the 2iM.Structure© platform was designed based entirely on the determinations of ANS regulations: RN 405/2016 and RN 363/2014, as well as for the fulfillment of Dimension 2 of RN 277/2011 (Dynamics of Quality and Performance of the Provider Network), and also in accordance with the provisions of Law 13,003 of 2014.

It can be easily integrated with systems for monitoring and evaluating the performance of professionals, providing extreme accuracy in risk adjustments.

EVS – Health Value Score

The EVS – Health Value Score is a methodology that permeates all solutions based on the 2iM.Analytics platform.

It represents a score that links the Quality Index (QI) with the Cost Index (CI), obtained during the evaluation process in a given period.

This score is formed from a set of standardized indicators for the Brazilian market, within the different areas of activity (e.g. Hospitals, Clinical Staff, Cooperative Doctors, Clinical Conditions, among others).

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Corporate Strategy Manager | Moinhos de Vento Hospital


Doctor in the Quality and Risk Management Sector | Support Group for Adolescents and Children with Cancer (GRAAC)

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For 10 years, 2iM has been measuring the performance of doctors within the main Brazilian hospitals. More than 40,000 doctors are being evaluated using the 2iM methodology. This is how we help to build a sustainable health system and contribute to the transition from the care model to Value-Based Healthcare.

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2iM is recognized by ANS as the Manager of Other Quality Programs

Hospitals that use the 2iM.Analytics methodology may use a quality seal, which will make it possible to improve their readjustment rates with health plan operators.

2iM Inteligência Médica was certified by BSI at ISO27001 under the certificate number IS 721933.

A 2iM Inteligência Médica announces the achievement of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, which attests that our Information Security Management System meets the most rigorous worldwide standards of excellence.

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