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2iM® was created, in 2011, from a spin-off of Impacto Tecnologia Geracionais em Saúde (Impacto Generational Health Technology). As soon as it was created, it went through a selection process at the Technological Incubator (INTEC) of the Paraná Institute of Technology and was approved without restriction. At the end of 2015 he graduated from the incubator and in 2017 it became a scale-up receiving an investment from the PRIMATEC Fund.

2iM’s value proposition is to use analytics tools to measure Health Value. For this value proposition, 2iM develops applications and systems for health data generation, uses interoperability techniques and solutions, generates specific metrics of quality and cost in health and implements new Value-based payment models.

In 2014 the company enshrined its assistance performance evaluation model, GPS.2iM©, initiating projects in large hospitals; today it is already in use in nearly 30% of ANAHP hospitals, with more than 40,000 doctors evaluated with this tool, in addition to being used by several public and private payers.

2iM is a reference in the market for evaluating the performance of doctors and healthcare services and for implementing Value-based payment models.

Business Definition

Using the Business Analytics (BA) concept, we group, analyze and track health information with a focus on strategic decision making in relation to your institution’s quality and health performance indicators. This concept is about the evolution of BI enabling access, tracking, storage, transformation, modeling, analysis and delivery of information with the main objective of enabling the strategic decision making of its management team and restructuring Value-based remuneration models.

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values

Aggregate and generate information to measure Health Value, supporting the system so that it becomes sustainable and improves the quality of people's lives.

In 5 years to be a national reference to measure Health Value, maintaining impartiality and promoting the sustainability of the sector.

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Chairman and CEO


Partner and Market and Relationship Manager


Partner and Administrative Financial Manager

Associated Consultants


Senior Health Economist | World Bank


New Business Superintendent | Hospital Sírio-Libanês


Medical Management


Health Economics


Health Economics


Chairman, Nova Institute for Value Improvement in Health and Care


President of the Brazilian Diabetes Society


Use of their DRG clustering tools to adjust the risk of hospital indicators. Development of DRG.Analytics.
Economic Analysis.

Gold trading partner.

Medical specialists for the development of DM.Analytics.


Medical specialists and relationship with the academy for MOM.

Medical specialists and consultants for some lines of care.

Value analysis model of associated hospitals and benchmarking.

Qualification of associates and benchmarking.

Partner institution in discussions on Value-Based Health.

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Plataforma de referenciamento de mercado, que busca contribuir para a criação de um Sistema de Valor Sustentável e a evolução do Setor de Saúde.

Code of conduct

The essence of 2iM®’s business is the aggregation and integration of data from different players in the health field, whether public or private. Thus, the result of our work is the knowledge of sensitive data. In this sense, the 2iM® Code of Conduct establishes our line of conduct and the way we deal with this fact.

It aims to reinforce our values and principles, specifying our work conduct, especially with regard to the relationship with patients, clients and outsourced consultants, whether in the public or private area.

Following the main ethical, anti-corruption and transparency standards is our role and responsibility. Thus, we contribute to the good corporate governance of our company and our clients and partners by managing the risks relevant to our activity.

With patients


We guarantee the confidentiality and secrecy of the personal data required by the Brazilian Constitution of 1988 in its fifth article.


For the dissemination of results, we work with absolute data, preferably numerical and in acronyms so as not to individualize and detail personal statements.

We do not disclose the patient's name, at most his initials and location. To avoid homonyms, or even research bias due to the fact that the patient changes doctors, we use the initials of the mother's name.

We do not use sensitive information, such as the disease or signs and symptoms that the patient has, for his own purposes, to help any interested party or harm any other party.

We recognize and respect that the patient is the only one entitled to disclose his confidential information or authorize (in writing) his disclosure.

We do not work or take gifts or any item, of any value, that may appear to be a favor exchange.


With doctors and other health service providers


The data of doctors and other health service providers are not identified, at most including initials, city of service, region and specialty or type of provider.

We recognize and respect that the physician is the guardian of patient information.

We do not interfere with the treatment conduct established by the doctor.


With the pharmaceutical industry


We do not provide specific data or information from patients, doctors or other healthcare providers.

In communication materials, our or clients', we respect the established by the norms in force in the country (RDC 96).

We guarantee the secrecy and confidentiality of the strategic information obtained. We are custodians of any and all material delivered, original or copy, that contains confidential strategic information. At the end, we return, along with the work done, all the material delivered.


With clients, public or private managers and strategic alliances


We do not practice or encourage bribery and corruption.

We do not take messages to third parties, whatever it may be.

We do not provide specific patient or physician data or information.

We seek to establish contracts, terms of responsibility and confidentiality in the work performed.

“Confidential information” means information of confidential nature or property originated from one of the parties and disclosed to the other, comprising issues of technical nature, such as business secrets, methods, prototypes, data, ideas, designs, formulation, know-how, and similar items that can be disclosed and are not classified as public information or published in business sources, in addition to any piece of information classified as confidential by the client and 2iM®".


2iM®’s employees, partners, and collaborators in general have access to several pieces of information of 2iM®’s clients: doctors, patients, among others. All this information shall be deemed as “confidential information” all the time and for every purpose, and its disclosure is unauthorized.


We work with public information and identify the research sources to demonstrate and specify the origin thereof.

We ensure and keep confidentiality for three years after the work’s submission and we do not employ these data for other works, respecting the free competition.

We do not employ confidential information for personal gain.

We do not copy, transcribe, or transmit confidential information without prior written consent of the related parties.

We do not employ or hire, even for temporary consultancy, professionals submitted to public service relations or employed by the government, state companies or those controlled by public agencies or bodies (including governmental medical or health institutions or those managed by the government), whose position would allow the undue influence or promotion of any party’s interest, especially regarding bids and public purchases.

We do not employ or hire individuals under 18 years old or encourage practices that lead to child labor.

We respect the intellectual properties of the authors and creators.

On demand, we provide copies of the tax collections (INSS, ISS, PIS, Income Tax, FGTS, Union Contribution, among others) and other documents that are deemed necessary.

We return every material submitted to us for the accomplishment of the work.

We work accordingly and follow the regulations acknowledged as the standard of ethics, transparency, and respect:

• “FCPA - Foreign Corruption Practices Act” (ANTI-BRIBERY PROVISION) Legislation of the United States of America that is applicable to companies with headquarters therein and branches in other countries;
• Law 10467/2002, Law 9613/1998, article 333 of Law 2848/40 (Penal Code), Behavioral Code of the High Federal Administration and By-laws of the Civil Public Servant;
• Law no 3,268, of September 30, 1957, regulated by ordinance no 44,045, of July 19, 1958, added by Law no 11,000, of December 15, 2004, and ordinance no 6,821, of April 14, 2009;
• Art. 2 and Art. 15 of Law no 3,268/57;
• Art. 16 of the ordinance-Law no 20,931/32, letters c, g, and h;
• Code of Medical Ethics - Resolution CFM No 1,931/09;
• Policy of the National Card of Health CNS and confidentiality on the patient’s data.

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