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Value Based Payment – VBP

The modality and dynamics of the remuneration of health service providers is the main vector that directs and determines the logic, the process and the cost of assistance. The platform was developed to be the variable component of any Value-based remuneration model.

Pagamento Baseado em Valor - PBV

Main remuneration models supported by the platform

Platform developed by 2iM to contemplate its analytics solutions and models in order to measure Health Value.


For accredited network, cooperative doctors and contracted professionals.

Payment for Episodes or Lines of Care (Bundle Payments)

For lines of care: clinical conditions and/or procedures of high prevalence and low variability.

Payment by Global Adjusted Budget (Global Budget Payment)

For hospitals with a high volume history.

Payment by Capitation Partial or Global (Captation Payment)

For primary care and some specialties.

EVS – Health Value Score

The EVS – Health Value Score is a methodology that permeates all solutions based on the 2iM.Analytics platform.

It represents a score that links the Quality Index (QI) with the Cost Index (CI), obtained during the evaluation process in a given period.

This score is formed from a set of standardized indicators for the Brazilian market, within the different areas of activity (e.g. Hospitals, Clinical Staff, Cooperative Doctors, Clinical Conditions, among others).

Contracting Modalities


Implementation with HVS and advice for the construction of value-based payment models.


Implementation only of HVS to measure value in an existing payment model or to be created under the client’s responsibility.

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