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Lines of Care

Platform developed to assess the Value in the different Lines of Care that each clinical condition of high impact to the health system has.

Features and Benefits

Building Bundles

Each clinical condition has different lines of care. Understanding them, monitoring them and evaluating the Value that is generated by the process of these lines is fundamental for the construction of remuneration models by Bundles, establishing risk sharing contracts or even contracts based on Value.

Best Contract

The use of the 2iM.Analytics | Lines of Care platform, adapted for various clinical conditions, is ideal for service providers who have high competence in meeting these conditions, especially so that they can seek better contractual arrangements with health plan operators.

Partnerships with Industry

It is perfectly designed for the engagement and support of the Industry, be it of medicines or equipment, for the evaluation of real-world data and thus establish risk sharing contracts or even based on Value.

Available Lines of Care

The following clinical conditions are already modeled within the 2iM.Analytics|Lines of Care platform and offer views to all participants: provider, payer, industry and patient. Other lines are in development like Alzheimer’s and Rheumatoid Arthritis.


• Diabetes Mellitus


• Breast
• Prostate
• Colo-rectal
• Lung


• Asthma

EVS – Health Value Score

The EVS – Health Value Score is a methodology that permeates all solutions based on the 2iM.Analytics platform.

It represents a score that links the Quality Index (QI) with the Cost Index (CI), obtained during the evaluation process in a given period.

This score is formed from a set of standardized indicators for the Brazilian market, within the different areas of activity (e.g. Hospitals, Clinical Staff, Cooperative Doctors, Clinical Conditions, among others).

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