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Generation of Health Value Score based on standardized indicators, for the evaluation of doctors, health teams and hospitalization units.

Modelos de Pagamento Baseado em Valor

Qualified professional and positively involved in the processes

The qualified professional and positively involved in the process must be rewarded for the differentiated movement towards a system more committed to sustainability and the result expected by the client. One of the central objectives of the 2iM.Analytics | Hospital platform is to identify and help to replicate this type of differential.

Main usage objectives

Clinical Governance

For the governance manager, the wealth of data managed through 2iM.Analytics favors strategic initiatives.

Hospital Accreditation

2iM.Analytics fully complies with the standards and provisions of the main accreditors.

Incentive Programs

Incentive programs, loyalty and relationship with the medical staff are easily implemented with 2iM.Analytics.

Remuneration by Value

Reorganizing the payment model using Value metrics is one of the great differentials of 2iM.Analytics.

EVS – Health Value Score

The EVS – Health Value Score is a methodology that permeates all solutions based on the 2iM.Analytics platform.

It represents a score that links the Quality Index (QI) with the Cost Index (CI), obtained during the evaluation process in a given period.

This score is formed from a set of standardized indicators for the Brazilian market, within the different areas of activity (e.g. Hospitals, Clinical Staff, Cooperative Doctors, Clinical Conditions, among others).

Perspectives for Managers

  • Perform analyzes by indicating, by domain, between domains and by Health Value Score.
  • Comparative analysis between those evaluated, specialties/groups and profiles.
  • Classify those evaluated according to their performance or Value.
  • Apply Pay-for-Performance models.
  • Make "Alerts" available for cases outside the minimum performance benchmark.
  • Interact with those evaluated from the identification of access logs on your Scoreboard to the registration of managerial actions and monitoring of their results.
  • Generate analytical reports to meet management demands, among other features.
  • Evaluate monitoring cycles through statistical methodologies.

Prospects for the Evaluated

  • Visualization of your Health Value Score comparing it with your peers.
  • Monitoring by indicator, by quality dimension and by composite index of quality and cost.
  • Identify performance problems through the traceability of the data which generated the indicators.
  • Interact with managers through bilateral communication.
  • Access the technical data sheets of the indicators.
  • Download hospital newsletters.
  • Upload medical certificates.
  • Participate in quality research, among other features.
  • Access your production data in the period.

Our differential comes from a long journey with the market

For 10 years 2iM has been measuring the performance of doctors within the main Brazilian hospitals. More than 40,000 doctors are currently being evaluated using the 2iM methodology. This is how we help to build a sustainable health system and contribute to the transition from the care model to Value-Based Healthcare.

Permanent Forum of Hospitals: constant update

Composed of representatives from organizations using the 2iM.Analytics | Hospital platform, the 2iM Permanent Forum is held periodically to discuss improvements in the tool, standardization of indicators, weights and parameters, in addition to exchanging the practical experiences of each one. The standardization of the indicators used on the platform, which allows participating hospitals to use external references in the evaluation processes, is one of the Forum’s achievements.

2iM.Analytics is available in two versions:

Number of indicators
Indicators adjusted by APR.DRG
Meets international accreditation standards
Meets the standards of the national accreditor
Recommended number of beds
Above 70
Below 70
Recommended to have electronic medical record
It is computerized
It is a vertical hospital
Serves hospitals 100% SUS and Santas Casas with less than 150 beds
Specialty Groups included in the initial standardized assessment
• Clinics
• Surgical
• Anesthesiology
• Radiology
• Intensivist Team
• Hospitalists
• PA
• Clinics
• Surgical

Get the version best suited for your organization

2iM.Analytics | HOSPITAL 1 é indicado para instituições que possuem demandas de qualidade complexas e alto volume de dados, já o 2iM.Analytics | HOSPITAL 2 é uma solução ágil e prática, de fácil usabilidade e que pode ser contratada on-line, o seu setup é intuitivo e é realizado com a orientação de tutoriais simples. Veja na tabela abaixo a opção que melhor atende as suas necessidades.

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