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2iM® was founded, in 2011, from a spinoff of Impacto Tecnologias Gerenciais em Saúde. As soon as it was created, it went through a selection process at Incubadora Tecnológica (INTEC) of Technology Institute of Paraná and it was approved without restriction. In the end of 2015, it was graduated from the incubator.

2iM was conceived with the purpose of providing the health market with solutions focused on the concept of Business Analytics. The innovative proposal of 2iM® was built from several years’ experience of the professionals that compose it. It is a unique business model focused on the provision of Medical Intelligence from the consolidation of data generated by several existing management systems, and the production of strategic and managerial information and knowledge.

The final product is a collection of critical data for strategic decision making, both for the hospital sector and for public, private and corporate health.

The focus is on three major goals of a health system: improving the health of the population, improving care delivery and rationalizing the per capita compatible cost (IHI, 2009). Based on the integration of this information, a new strategic management process is established, based on modules of Medical Intelligence, focused on four main axes: retrospective evaluations, risk assessments, quality and performance assessments, and health research.

In 2014, the company established the health care performance evaluation model, GPS.2iM©, starting projects in large hospitals and it is currently in use in more than 25% of ANAHP hospitals, large UMIMEDs and health insurance operators, in addition to SUS projects.

With more than 30 thousand physicians evaluated with this methodology, it has been consolidated as a benchmark in the market when it comes to medical performance evaluation and to the application of payment models based on performance or payment based on value.

Definition of Business

Business Analytics Solutions for Health Market

Using the concept of Business Analytics (BA), we gather, analyze and track health information focused on strategic decision making regarding quality indicators and health performance of the institution. This concept deals with the evolution of BI by enabling access, tracking, storage, transformation, modeling, analysis and delivery of information with the main objective of enabling the strategic decision-making of your management team.


Doctor with Master's Degree in Health Economics from York University – England and MBA in Strategy and Business Management from UFPR. CEO of 2iM – Inteligência Médica S/A. Author of the book “Pagamento por Performance: o desafio de avaliar o desempenho no Brasil” (Payment based on performance: the challenge of evaluating the performance in Brazil) (Editora DOC Content, 2015) and author of the model GPS.2iM © to evaluate the performance of health service providers. He has been an ANS consultant for QUALISS and he is a guest speaker at various health institutions in Brazil and abroad.

Bachelor of Mathematics with extension in Computing, from Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP). He holds an MBA in Hospital Management from UNINTER. He worked as professor and course coordinator at CTI / UNESP. He has developed several solutions in Information Technology, with emphasis in the health area. He wrote the software for threshold evaluation and maximum auditory comfort for children with cochlear implants, in doctoral and postdoctoral projects. Since 2004, he has been developing consulting services for operators of supplementary health insurance plans. He was Coordinator of Information Technology and associate consultant of IMPACTO Health Audit, where he developed solutions for loss management and medical analysis and compensation based on performance. At 2IM, he is Director of Products and works in the Innovation Sector to develop new products.

Nurse, Master in Health Information Technology, from PUC-PR, Postgraduate in Health Plans Administration from PUC-PR, Specialist in Nursing Audit, from the Brazilian Society of Nurses Auditors, she was President of the Society of Nurses Auditors PR. Certificate by Lifecare INC – U.S., in Homecare and by Biomedical System - U.S., in Case Management Programs. Postgraduate Professor in the Audit and Management courses at UTP Uningá and in Administration in Nursing Services at PUC-PR. Instructor of training courses and training of health cost teams in Brazil. She is the Managing Partner of Impacto Tecnologias Management in Health and of 2iM Medical Intelligence.

Doctor graduated from the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP), with specialization in General Surgery, Public Health and Hospital Management and MBA in Health Management by the Hospital das Clínicas of São Paulo. He was Technical Director of Unidas, Deputy Director of Management of accredited network of Medial, Medical Manager of VIVO and Fundação CESP. Currently, he coordinates the SUS audit; he is an Advisor to the Executive Board of Hospital das Clínicas of the University of São Paulo (USP) and Medical Auditor and Manager of the accredited network of the State Treasury of São Paulo. He acts as a consultant and advisor to the Brazilian Federation of Hospitals (FBH) and the Association of Hospitals of the State of São Paulo (AHESP). It is part of the technical groups of the National Regulatory Agency for Private Health Insurance and Plans (ANS), Committee for Standardization of Health Information (COPISS) and New Models of Hospital Remuneration. At 2Im, he acts as a senior consultant, being a specialist in the GPS-HOSPITALS product to evaluate the performance of the clinical staff and hospitalization units.

Pediatrics doctor graduated from the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP), specialized in Pediatric Intensive Therapy, Master in Economics and Health Management and PhD in Medicine from the same institution. He has completed the extension courses of Marketing and Management from American Management Association and Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics from Harvard School of Public Health. He is a graduate and post-graduate professor at the Faculty of Health Technologies of UNIFESP, where he teaches Health Technology Assessment, Clinical Research and Pediatrics. Still at UNIFESP, he was the founder of the Nucleus of Clinical Trials and he is currently the general manager of the Nucleus of Health Technology Assessment (NATS). He is president of the Brazilian Chapter of International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR).

Economist graduated from the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP), with an extension course in Marketing at Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM) and an MBA in Health Economics and Management from UNIFESP. Master in Health Sciences from UNIFESP and PhD student at the same institution. She also carried out face-to-face extension courses of Leading Professional Services Firms and Business Innovations in Global Health Care Delivery at Harvard Business School. Specialist in charge of the Health Technology Assessment Office of UNIFESP. She is currently the vice-president of the Brazilian Chapter of International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR), and a member of the ISPOR Latin American Consortium Executive Committee.

He graduated in Information Systems from the State University of the North of Paraná (UENP). He holds a specialization in web technologies from the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (PUC-PR) and currently holds an MBA in Project Management at Universidade Positivo. He has professionalization in information technology and data security and web hacking 2.0. He has already worked in the market as a developer analyst and project coordinator, as well as a web development instructor. At 2iM Inteligência Médica, he works in the development and integration team.

Graduated in Nursing from Faculdades Pequeno Príncipe, postgraduate in Innovation Management from the Federal University of Santa Catarina and master in Biomedical Engineering from Federal Technological University of Paraná. She worked as an evidence-based medical analyst nurse at the Unimed Federation of the State of Paraná 2007 - 2014. At 2iM S/A, she works in the area of epidemiology and technical support for the development of the GPS.2iM© solution.


Grupo Giovanoni

Code of Conduct

The essence of the 2iM® business lies in aggregating and integrating data from the various players in the healthcare area, whether public or private. In this way, the result of our work is the knowledge of confidential data. In this sense, the 2iM® Code of Conduct establishes our line of conduct and the way we deal with this fact.

Therefore, the 2iM Code of Conduct is intended to reinforce our values and principles, specifying our work behavior, especially with regard to relations with patients, clients and outsourced consultants, whether in the public or private area. Following our main ethical, anti-corruption and transparency standards is our role and responsibility. Thus, we contribute to good corporate governance of our company and our customers and partners by managing the relevant risks with our activity.

1. In our relation

With patients

We ensure the confidentiality and secrecy of the personal data required by the Brazilian Constitution of 1988 in its fifth article.

For the disclosure of the results, we work with absolute data, preferably numeric and acronyms to not individualize and detail personal statements.

We do not disclose the patient's name, at most, their initials and location. To avoid homonyms or even research bias due to the patient changes doctors, we use the initials of the mother's name.

We do not use confidential information, such as illness or signs and symptoms that the patient has, for our own purposes, to help some interested party or to harm any other.

We acknowledge and respect that the patient is the only one entitled to disclose his/her confidential information or authorize (in writing) the disclosure.

We do not work or carry gifts or any item of any value that may appear to be a favor exchange.

With physicians and other providers of health services

The data of physicians and other health service providers are not identified, at most, including initials, city of service, region and expertise or type of provider.

We acknowledge and respect that the physician is the custodian of patient information.

We do not interfere in the treatment established by the doctor.

With the pharmaceutical industry

We do not provide data or information specific to patients, physicians or other health care providers.

In the communication materials, our or clients’ material, we respect the established by the standards in force in the country (RDC 96).

We guarantee the secrecy and confidentiality of the strategic information obtained. We are custodians of all material delivered, original or copy, or that contains strategic confidential information. In the end, we return, along with the work done, all material delivered.

With clients, public or private managers and strategic alliances

We do not practice or encourage bribery and corruption.

We do not take messages to third parties, no matter what.

We do not provide any patient or doctor specific data or information.

We seek to establish contracts, terms of responsibility and confidentiality in performed works.

2. Confidentiality

“Confidential Information" means information of a confidential nature or property of any party disclosed to the other party, including matters of a technical nature such as secrets of business, methods, prototypes, data, ideas, designs, formulation, know-how and similar items that may be disclosed and are not configured in public or published information or in sources of business, in addition to any other information designated by the client and 2iM® as confidential.

2iM® employees, partners and collaborators in general have access to a lot of information from 2iM® customers: physicians, patients, and others. All such information must be considered "confidential information" at all times and for all purposes, and its disclosure is disallowed.

We work with public information and identify the sources of research in order to demonstrate and prove their origin.

We guarantee and keep the confidentiality for three years after the delivery of the work and we do not use this data for other works, respecting free competition.

We do not use confidential information for personal gain.

We do not copy, transcribe, and transmit confidential information without the prior written consent of the parties involved.

3. General

We do not employ or hire, even for temporary consultants, professionals subject to public employment or employment in the government, state-owned companies or controlled by public agencies or bodies (including governmental medical or health institutions or controlled by the government) whose position allows influence or improper promotion of the interests of any party, especially with regard to public biddings and procurement.

We do not employ or hire minors under the age of 18 and do not encourage practices that lead to child labor.

We respect the intellectual properties of authors and creators.

Whenever requested, we provide copies of tax collections (INSS, ISS, PIS, Income Tax, FGTS, Union Contribution, among others) and other documents deemed necessary.

We return all materials delivered to us to perform the work.

We work and follow the standards recognized as standards of ethics, transparency and respect:

  • “FCPA – Foreign Corruption Practices Act” (LAW OF CORRUPTION PRACTICES - ANTI-BRIBERY PROVISIONS) United States l that applies to companies with headquarters in that country and subsidiaries in other countries;
  • Law No. 10467/2002, Law No. 9613/1998, article 333 of the Law No. 2848/40 (Criminal Code), Code of Conduct of the High Federal Administration and Civil Servant Statute;
  • Law No. 3268, of September 30 of 1957, regulated by decree No. 44045, of July 19 of 1958, amended by Law No. 11000, of December 15 of 2004, and Decree No. 6821, of April 14 of 2009;
  • Art. 2nd and Art. 15 of the Law No. 3268/57;
  • Art. 16 of Decree-Law No. 20931/32, lines c, g and h;
  • Code of Medical Ethics – CFM Resolution No. 1931/09;
  • National Health Card (CNS) Policy and secrecy about patient data;
  • Ethical standards of research CONEP and CEP.


Privacy Policy

2iM respects and watches over your privacy. All information collected through the contact forms of this site will be for the sole and exclusive use of 2iM and treated with the same secrecy applied to the conclusion of contracts, financial transactions or commercial relation that materialize through this environment.

Under no circumstances, the data will be available or accessed by third parties. The use and handling of this data is specifically intended to enhance your user experience in the context of interaction with our platform(s).

The navigation cookies identify habits and interests, and allow us to offer information, products and services more adjusted to your profile, without having any type of personal identification.

Personal data such as name, email or phone may be used, jointly or individually, only in the scope of informative communication about our products and processes, as well as through interlocution, relation and clarification tools.

At any time, you may disregard our database, either automatically, through the links that we make available on our contact platforms, or by request via email to 2im@2im.com.br.

For further information about our privacy policy, please contact us by email 2im@2im.com.br.