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Healthcare Professionals Performance Evaluation

GPS.2iM is a customized solution, proper for management the efficiency of accredited hospitals or in process of accreditation, private health plans , as well as States and municipalities health systems.

It allows the monitoring and evaluation of professionals’ performance, through performance indicators grouped in the dimensions of quality in healthcare , such as: Structure, Efficiency, Effectiveness and Patient Experience.

It can be modeled to meet quality and organization management demands.


GPS.2iM© software can be accessed on any device

GPS.2iM© has a unique and exclusive way of making analyses available for the assessed professionals and providers through the WEB, without paying access licenses per user. It presents clarity and objectivity for analysis increasing the confidence degree of monitored data.

It minimizes the managers' time to follow performance indicators of the assessed professionals and providers. It identifies different performances, correlates and demonstrates the efficiency and effectiveness of them.

Essential Data Generation for Proper Management

Continuous monitoring process and periodic evaluation.

Single performance score of the assessed professional or healthcare provider.

WEB access by the assessed professionals, providers and managers.

Composed Indicators. Evaluation of existing data and processes to generate performance indicators.

See what GPS.2iM can make for healthcare
organization quality and competitiveness

Manager and Assessed Professional

GPS.2iM© has one interface for managers and another for assessed professionals or providers. The Manager has access to the hospital’s general data; while the Professional may check only his/her own data and compare his/her performance with their peers.


It makes available the result of the evaluation program consolidating all data, indicators and the assessed professionals. The already structured analyses show several alerts such as the comparison among the assessed professionals, the ones who have lower results, which are the profiles of medical specialty with lower performance, among many other analyses. A tool that is easy to use and supports decision making by Managers.


It offers online access for the program’s assessed professionals or providers. The dashboard shows the assessed professional performance by period and compares it with the group, which he/she belongs. The model also considers the analyses in the different quality domains such as: Efficiency, Effectiveness, Patient Experience and Structure

It allows the assessed Professional to manage his/her own performance, identifying on each indicator the data that generated it and where it is necessary to improve to achieve excellence.

It also enables the communication with the Manager for consensus in cases that creates inquiries or that may compromise the performance.

Integration with other Systems

The data aggregation process is critical for 2iM projects. Currently, the company is integrated and it has access to the main systems and data sources existing in Brazil.

Integration with DRG

It enables the development of a specific evaluation program, based on the indicators generated by DRG.

Watch de demo video!

We recorded a short video to present the main benefits of GPS.2iM. Learn how to make the most of each feature. Now you can monitor and manage the quality processes of your organization, gain insights and perspectives for more assertive clinical management.

What our clients say

  • Dr. Nathercia Abraão
    Better analysis of local medical production, comparison of data for decision making, identifying waste, correcting distortions, and monitoring care costs.
    Dr. Nathercia Abraão
    Director of Health Care | Unimed Juiz de Fora
  • Dr. Valdir Ventura
    2iM tool represents the possibility of promoting a cultural change in our Institution.
    Dr. Valdir Ventura
    President | São Cristóvão Saúde
  • Adriano Lago
    GPS.2iM product can improve the interface and the internal communication in the client X supplier relationship, enhancing the points of improvements, goals and objectives.
    Adriano Lago
    Superintendent | Hospital Erasto Gaertner
  • Dr. Antonio Antonietto
    We hope to establish, in the long term, the outcome evaluation of each physician as a way to identify the areas that need reinforcement in training or updating.
    Dr. Antonio Antonietto
    Director of Relationship with the Clinical Staff | Hospital Sírio-Libanês
  • Dr. José Octavio Lemes
    We have chosen 2iM because we understand that it is the most prepared company to give us support in meeting the demands of improving Clinical Governance as well as the requirements of JCI Accreditation.
    Dr. José Octavio Lemes
    Hospital Director | Hospital Marcelino Champagnat
  • Luiz de Luca
    The institution that focuses on performance needs a tool which can evaluate the Clinical Staff dynamically, that is why we are working with GPS.2iM
    Luiz de Luca
    Corporate Superintendent | Hospital Samaritano

Partnerships and Credentials

Technical Cooperation Agreement with ONA. In this work, 2iM collects data from accredited hospitals, evaluates and sends them to ANS.

2iM is also acknowledged by ANS as the manager of other programs for QUALISS. Hospitals that practice this methodology may use a quality seal, which may improve their readjustment indexes with health plans.

The partnership allows the direct integration with the MV plant, favoring a deployment of the GPS.2iM© in less than 30 days using a standard Scorecard of performance indicators, so the hospital can only define the ponderations and benchmark criteria.

Some of our Clients

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2iM Differentials

Advanced Benchmark that meets the most stringent requirements of international accreditation for hospitals and health services.

2iM solutions are exclusive. They were individually tested, certified and acknowledged by the market.

Team of experts with medical consultants, epidemiologists, health economists and senior programmers. 2iM DNA is from health area.

It allows generating external referrals for comparison between the different clients, since there is agreement in sharing the unidentified data.

Communication Channels

2iM solutions are also present in the form of contact of clients with the company, through two service channels:

Help Desk Team.

Team of outstanding professionals in health area, within the segments in which they operate (health insurance, hospitals and SUS), for contract management.

These channels are supported by IT staff, especially DBA, designers and experts in analytics and artificial intelligence tools.

Other Advantages

It proved to be efficient in the control of losses.

Minimization of the managers' time to follow performance indicators of the assessed professionals and providers.

Clarity and objectivity for analysis.

Increases the confidence degree of monitored data.

Identifies different performances.
Correlates the quality domains and evaluates the interrelation degree of the indicators.

Adjustments in processes, even in accredited hospitals.

Adjustments in processes, even in accredited hospitals.

Qualification of data so that performance indicators may be generated.

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