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How does 2iM.Estrutura works?

2iM.Estrutura is a program that evaluates the quality of health care providers. It can be used by Health Insurance Operators who seek to qualify their own healthcare network, or by the service providers themselves (hospitals, clinics, laboratories and health professionals). The system evaluates:

  • Structure: physical, human, material and financial resources needed for health care. § Safety: actions or processes that aim to reduce the risk of harm associated with health care.
  • Effectiveness: degree by which health care, services and actions achieve the expected results.
  • Centrality of the Patient: perception of satisfaction associated with the report of experience, attentive listening, communication and patient involvement in decisions.

In addition, the indicators of the Qualliss Monitoring Program are inserted in the GPS.Estrutura tool, fully complying with the prerogatives of RN 405/2016 of ANS.

For Providers and Operators
2iM.Estrutura may contribute with:

Criteria for the Quality Factor

Review of percentages provided that the criteria move towards effective evaluation of quality of the service providers.

See the example:

Hospitals Criteria – Base year 2016/2017

For 105% of IPCA – Level A


For 100% of IPCA – Level B

Electronic billing guide ratio in version 3 of TISS standard (equal or greater than 0.9)

Safety core of the Patient registered in ANVISA


Indicator: readmission ratio until 30 days from the last discharge from hospital


Participation in one of the projects: Proper Delivery, Cared Elderly or OncoRede.

2iM is also acknowledged by ANS as the Manager of Other Quality Programs Hospitals that practice this methodology may use a quality seal, which may improve their readjustment indexes with health insurance operators.

QUALISS – Qualification Program of
Healthcare Service Providers

QUALISS Program of the National Regulatory Agency for Private Health Insurance and Plans– ANS – was established by RN 405, of May 2016 and consists in the establishment of qualification attributes relevant to the improvement of the healthcare quality offered by service providers (hospitals, clinics, laboratories and health professionals).

In addition to qualifying these providers, it is focused on increasing the availability of attributes and information, such as accreditation, patient safety, professional qualification, quality monitoring through indicators, etc.

A Technical Committee of Sectorial Quality Evaluation - COTAQ helps ANS establishing criteria for measuring and controlling quality of the service provision in supplementary health with participation of several actors of the sector.

For the implementation of the Program, ANS also relies on participating entities, which contribute not only to the elaboration of criteria, but also to the collection and consolidation of data. They are the Management Entities of Other Quality Programs, among which 2iM is qualified. In this link, click QUALISS Participating Entities


Understand the Quallis flow

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